I Bought Some Things

I went to Riley Street, on a quest for supplies.  I had a list: certain inks, paper, nibs. I got some black paper, they did have that. They didn’t have the other things I wanted, but I got things anyway, didn’t I? Special orders have taken place.

Here’s the thing. I bought this particular black paper because another calligrapher mentioned it. Online blog, not someone I know. I wanted the ink that I didn’t find for the same reason. I’ve been very grateful for the information I’ve found online about ink, and about pen nibs, but no one’s even come close to discussing what I want to know about inks and papers. Or maybe I should say, no one else is telling some things I know about inks and papers, and that I want to know more about. So I’m going to tell. In bits. Not all at once, it will take far too long.

I’m not much of a calligrapher, since I hardly ever finish anything, but nonetheless I have a ridiculous fascination for the trinity of nib, ink, and paper. Sometimes I use crummy paper, and I have been known to embrace inks of low degree. When I get a new ink, I try it out on a half a dozen different kinds of paper, with half a dozen different nibs. Okay, that’s a lie. I have three or four nibs, tops, that I always try, when the question is new ink. The other score of nibs are for when the question is new paper. New paper gets the works.

‘Cause I don’t know any better. Doubtless because I’m self-taught I know nothing. Jk, I know LOTS of things. 😛 But gosh, look at the time. I’ll tell you all about that black paper and the inks that hate it later.

Ink and Paper!

It matters which ink, it matters which paper.  Given the same pen / nib, I will get very different results, depending on which ink I’m using, depending what paper I’m writing on. I can read reviews pens, and even of inks, all day long, but I haven’t seen the kinds of comparisons I want.